Our specialities

Equipo de la Torre is made up of top-level professionals, whose daily activity is based on medical and ethical values. Their priority objective is not only to provide patients with comprehensive health care but also offer a service that responds to their real needs. The most advanced technology, research, continuous training and teamwork are the pillars for offering a differentiated service, at the forefront of the field of Neurosurgery and Oral Health.

Neurosurgery Unit Medical team

Neurosurgical Pathologies

A highly qualified medical team that approaches the treatment of pathologies in a multidisciplinary manner, excellent both in the expert handling of the latest surgical technology and in the therapeutic indication provided through the pain or rehabilitation units.

Dental Clinic Unit Medical team

Oral Treatments

Our Advanced Oral Health Unit aims to help you improve your oral health with maximum confidence, offering you personalised solutions to remedy any oral problems.


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C/ La Salle, 12 28023 Aravaca Madrid

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C/ San Germán, 12 
28020 Madrid

Phone: (+34) 91 555 93 32


C/ Montalbán, 3, 3º
28014 Madrid

Phone: (+34)911 089 090

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